luVino Expertise

luVino owner Nancy Hetherington is passionate about her love of wine. 

A seasoned marketing specialist who has travelled extensively, Nancy has had the opportunity to taste wines all over the world. Intrigued by the endless options, she was inspired to delve deeper into the world of wine. Wanting to grow her understanding of what factors determine the style and quality of the wine in her glass, Nancy embarked on a journey of professional wine education.

Nancy is a formally trained Wine Specialist, having earned the Level 3 Award through WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust), a global leader in wine education, as well as numerous specialty certifications, all of which are listed below. 

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

“I have been to more than one of luVino’s wine tastings and look forward to the opportunity to attend another. Nancy keeps it fun and informative with no pretense.” – Blair

Sip, Laugh. Learn, Repeat, Sip, Laugh. Learn, Repeat, Sip, Laugh. Learn, Repeat…